Our firm employs an events-driven, value-investment approach, focusing primarily on highly liquid micro, small and mid-cap equities. Each stock we buy is evaluated based on short-term technical, long-term technical and fundamental factors. Each of those data points is then combined into an overall matrix that aids us in determining a stock’s overall suitability for investment.

Our Alpha Momentum Fund is comprised of a carefully selected basket of micro and small-cap equities of good companies with a near-term catalyst for price appreciation.

Our  Long-term Value Fund is made up of small and mid-cap equities of good companies which we have identified as undervalued. Each stock is primed for price appreciation, but with a longer-term investment horizon for unlocking its value.

A third portfolio is our Fixed-Income Arbitrage Bond Fund. Here, we seek to obtain mis-priced bank debentures in a given market, while selling the same asset in a secondary market, thereby taking advantage of differing prices in markets.  Pursing this type of investment strategy historically has produced absolute returns without the normal risk and volatility associated with investing capital in equity markets.