Mirth Pearlman also pursues a number of credit strategies. We make strategic, risk-adjusted investments in alternative asset classes such as precious metals, base metals, metal concentrates, rare isotopes, and scrap metals. Mirth originates and invests in a diverse portfolio of commodity-related and esoteric asset-backed securities, focusing on senior secured assets.

Our managers’ backgrounds are steeped in the areas of corporate finance and structured products. As such, Mirth is uniquely situated to source, structure, manage, and exit par instruments across a broad array of asset-backed security markets.

Our investments include:

  • (i) Acquiring deeply discounted private placement asset-backed securities
  • (ii) Procuring raw commodities in all forms, structuring, and underwriting assets-backed securities

In each instance, Mirth structures securities and utilize credit enhancement techniques to raise the credit profile and reduce overall risk of each security. Additionally, we offer direct lending and monetization strategies for companies in need of working capital, liquidity, or seeking to restructure debt, or raise capital.