About Us

Mirth Pearlman LLC is an internally managed private fund advisor.  Our managers have successfully led companies in high growth and distressed situations, and have successful histories in corporate finance, M&A, structured finance, and investing in domestic and foreign financial markets.  Over the course of the past decade, Mirth has developed a wide network of professionals throughout the globe and have a strong track record of sourcing a wealth of proprietary investment opportunities – keeping in mind our core principles of (i) capital preservation and (ii) wealth creation with the goal of achieving positive returns regardless of overall market performance.

Investment Approach

Mirth Pearlman specializes in stocks trading from under one dollar to ten dollars. We manage concentrated portfolios consisting of highly liquid micro, small, and mid-cap equities trading on major stock exchanges – aimed at achieving steady, positive gains regardless of market direction. The rates of returns achieved from our flagship funds have consistently outperformed the broader markets.


Mirth Pearlman seeks to distinguish itself as a leading provider of capital to commodity and asset-backed security owners. We specialize in originating private asset-backed debt securities collateralized by raw commodities and rare or esoteric assets. We focus primarily on debt issued and placed through private offerings. In some instances, Mirth acts as a direct lender to companies with below investment-grade credit profiles. Requests for senior secured loans are evaluated on a deal-by-deal basis and originated dependent on a company’s financials – positive cash flow and underlying enterprise value.